Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't normally watch Oprah but yesterday's theme caught my attention, it was about the goods and bads of motherhood. Everybody should watch that show! People expecting, people wanting to get pregnant, people who are mothers, even dads should watch it! My husband watched it with me and he got a kick out of it. Basically it's the things that nobody tells you about having kids. The awful/disgusting things, the poop, the pee, the vomit, the snot, the sleep that you will NEVER get back, the carefree life that you will NEVER get back, what happens to your body and your mind..... motherhood is wonderful don't get me wrong, there are very rewarding moments - last week my 6 month old learned how to give kisses - talk about stealing my heart! But there are also very un-rewarding moments, when your 5 year old tells you you're not his friend anymore, or that he doesn't like you, or when he hits you. No one prepares you for that. Who would have thought you'd get bruises from your own child! Don't go thinking it's just my child because I've talked to many other parents who say their children went through that phase too. Something I noticed yesterday, I was taking my child to the doctor and I wanted to listen to Fergie... however, the language is too foul for him to listen. So there went that idea. Instead I put in Kelly Clarkson, but the problem this time was that the child wouldn't quit talking to me! I can't even listen to music in my car anymore! I'll be thankful though, atleast the kiddo wants to talk to me still! I'm sure in about 10 years I'll be the last person that he wants to talk to!

So, back to the show. There were guest speakers via webcam. One of them I've seen on Momversation. Anyway, here's her site... http://dooce.com/ This lady said that her website brings in $40,000 a month from advertisements. Her husband quit his job and now her site is what supports their family. Hello, I want to do that! It all started with her discussing her post partum depression on her blog, which at that time the only readers were her friends. Look at how much she's expanded! I can talk about crummy mother experiences, birth experiences, post pardum depression..... I know all about it! Refer me to your friends!!!!! I need some more followers so that I can start doing some advertisements on the side too! lol

Anyway, I don't know what the point of this blog was....I think that #1 it was to make women who are very desperate to get pregnant aware that it's not all beautiful and glory. Enjoy your time with your husband while you have it because the days as you know them are gone. Your relationship will absolutely change! And #2 it was to talk about how amazing it is that this woman has gotten so RICH by blogging!!!!!

Also, one of the speakers said something that I 100% agree with. I have been divorced once and have a child from that marriage. Some people may say that this next theory is wrong, but I believe that it is the only way to keep your marriage intact. "Make your marriage your priority before your kids" Your kids need to see you happy with each other, they need to see they're in a stable home. When you start making your kids the priority before your marriage, the marriage starts to fall apart, meaning the happiness sort of just disappears.... Now obviously this doesn't mean that I'm saying don't make your kids a priority, cause hello, that's just ridiculous. But you have to remember where the family started, remember the roots, and keep them growing strong!

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Elizabeth said...

I definately watched... I've been reading dooce since damn near the day she started a million years ago, I'm her biggest fan. :) And I read the blogs of all the other moms, Daphne, Karen, Mindy... it was great.