Monday, October 5, 2009

boxes boxes boxes!

I'm tired of boxes!!!!! I spent the day going through closets, bagging up Good Will stuff, and boxing up everything else. I don't really feel like I got anything accomplished today! :(

Here is what my living room looks like now. Behind the flat boxes is about 10 filled boxes. See that blue duffel bag thing on the top of the boxes? Here's the ugly truth. There are actually 3 bags like that (they are good sized), they are completely FILLED with.... shoes! How ridiculous is that? Between me, the hubs, and a 5 yr old we can fill up 3 bags! And the uglier truth.... one of those bags is only my shoes.... plus more of my shoes in the other bags! I'm ashamed.... Seriously I thought I was one of those girls who had maybe 3 pair of shoes... oh how wrong I was! ha!

Here are my packing helpers.... they look like a lot of help don't they!


Jennifer said...

Packing is never fun but before you know it you'll be done!!

Together We Save said...

Sweet helpers!! Great packers I am sure.

A "cheery" disposition said...

O, i use to love to play in boxs as a kid!