Monday, October 19, 2009

oh happy day... oh happy day!!!!

Today my sister was driving and noticed a flier saying "found small dog, call ***. So, I called, and voila! It was Bella! We were able to pick her up this evening and she was sooo happy to see us! We all got lots of kisses!

Bella has been sleeping since she got home! And Cosmo is so glad to have her friend back!
(please note that I KNOW these pillow don't actually match my couch! I bought them today as I was in the festive mood... sort of a failure!)

Well today was the start of my 2nd week of school. Last week was SO stressful. I felt like I was crammed into a room with a bunch of 19 yr olds who were looking at me like I was the OLDEST person they had ever seen! Seriously?! Maybe it was just me! The weather lately has been so damn crummy, so when I got out of class and realized it was nearly 70 degrees out I figured school could wait and me and the kids were gonna go play in the leaves!

After raking and raking I thought... oh what a great photo op.... however Riley wanted NOTHING to do with it! He wouldn't quit crying until I took him off the leaves! lol

at least one kid would let me take advantage of the photo op!

look at all of those bags! I raked and raked and raked! It was pretty amazing, this tree lost all of it's leaves in just one day! Here's a sort of view of the new house... by the way have I mentioned how totally in love I am with the new place?

Little Man finally thinking the leaves might be fun!

peek-a-boo!!!! Can you see me?

The little man "posing" in the new toy room

First morning in our new house... look how grown up these boys are! Makes me sad! :(

our cat, Shay, helping me move! Guess she wanted to make sure she didn't get left behind!

Hope you enjoyed the pics.... I wrote this blog sorta backwards so hopefully it doesn't confuse anyone!

I'm supposed to be having a 12-hr clinical tomorrow but my instructor called tonight to tell me she tested positive for the H1N1 so clinical got cancelled! My first test is on Thursday so this gives me 2 full days to prepare!

Hope our great luck continues through this week! I'm gonna go cuddle up with my puppy!


Lucky in Love said...

Good luck with school and your exam!! Enjoy the weather :)

Stephanie said...

I'm so happy your found your Bella - having 2 furbabies myself I can't imagine one of them getting lost. And what a fun Fall day with the kiddos too :)

Taryn said...

yeah! so happy for you and the pup!

glad you are lovin' the new place.

SLJ said...

Yay for Bella being found!

Annie said...

that must have been the best news ever!! i'm so glad she was found!!! :)
glad to hear you are enjoying your new home! looks like ya'll are having a great time :)

Adge said...

glad to hear you found Bella. I know how stressful and the loss of sleep you get when you lose your puppy. a few years ago our doberman ran away from the boarding place. and not many people are going to walk up to a doberman with their bad rep. luckily we found her a few days later safe and sound for the most part

Slyde said...

awesome news! im always happy when i hear of someone finding their lost pet :)