Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have to do it

Jon Gosselin

Do you ladies have any thoughts on this man?
I have many but I will keep them to myself (or at least most of them).

So on the 29th TLC announced that Jon would no longer be on the show (see here) because they could not continue to portray him as a doting father. nice slap in the face

Then today we hear that Jon has thrown a temper tantrum (clearly he's been hanging around the kids too long) and has put a stop to TLC's filming (see here)

My favorite part is in a separate article (see here) he talks about how he is trying to reconcile with Kate, also stating that she was the one who ended their relationship.

So, here is where I get a little irritated. For months Kate had to trust that the rumors about Jon having an affair were simply that, rumors. But then Jon decided that he wasn't happy anymore and that he needed a separation in order to "find himself" or some crap like that. Yes Kate did file for divorce, but reports say that the reason she did it was due to Jon's actions that weekend. Not a week after the paperwork is filed, this is what we see....
yes that's right, Jon Gosselin with a 22 year old girl. Not only that, the daughter of a family friend! How twisted is that? Rewind a few months back to when Jon was photographed with Haley Glassman and her mom at a bar, and his story was that they were just friends. How many of us actually believe that he wasn't being a little bit more than "just friends" with Haley at that time?

Then this comment was reported from him, "I feel like I love her more than I did Kate". (see here) Wow, what a blow to Kate. I can't even imagine how much that hurt.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Anyone side with Jon? I know that Kate has been very rude (yes I know that's putting it nicely) to Jon on past episodes, however, I'm still gonna understand her being like that. Imagine being with 8 kids. It's not even that the 8 kids are the issue, it's that they have 8 kids from only 2 pregnancies, that's a hell of a lot of stress! Terrible 2's x 6?! No thanks!

Ever since Jon & Kate have started shooting episodes separately I haven't been as faithful of a viewer. I liked seeing them together. I even find myself watching re-runs on a regular basis and getting a kick out of the two of them. Even though their filming portions of the show could be pretty argumentive, when they were sitting on the couch together for their interview you could see that they were in love!

Now here is where I am torn. When Jon says that he wants to reconcile with Kate, he has even post-poned the divorce. Do I want to see them back together? Should Kate allow him to come crawling back to her? I'm not sure how she would be able to. He has gone on GMA and stated that he despises Kate. Stated that he can't sit on the same couch with someone that he despises. Says that she stole his wedding band. The man has basically blamed Kate for their marriage falling apart. Never mind him having too many female friends or needing to go out and find himself.

Sadly I find myself sort of hoping that they can reconcile. I mean that it the tiniest, slightest, smallest, teeniest, way. I think Jon is scum. For the sake of their 8 children I think it would be great for them to be back together again. (however, what does that say to them about having respect for yourself?)

I guess in fairy tale land it would be nice for them to be together again. In reality I think he has screwed himself and that he won't convince his wife to allow him back. And in time his children will be old enough to google him and they'll read the nasty things he has said about their mother. And they'll see the pictures of him with other women. He has definitely made his own bed.


ReRe said...

i tuned into this show about 2 years ago. i lasted one episode and turned it off after watching Kate whine and complain and be mean and OCD. so when i heard he was cheating and they were splitting i was like "duh, his wife was evil."
but i don't know what went on between them when the cameras weren't rolling, but i'm sure they both have equal fault in the drama

Jennifer said...

I can't stand him!! Team Kate!!

Lizzie said...

I am (obviously) not a part of their marriage, and I don't know what all went on. And I also don't agree with him dating someone else so soon. But, I think "women's rights" has been misinterpreted by some to mean, "I can treat my husband however I want because I'm a strong woman." My brother suffered through extreme emotional abuse for years before he finally spoke up and told his wife that he couldn't tolerate being treated like that. When he did that, the abuse got worse, and then she finally left him. Again, I'm not saying Jon's post-separation actions are ok, but I think Kate was horrible to him, and I don't blame him at all for wanting out of the marriage.

Oh, and as far as the kids...who chose to have them? And that many at once? It wasn't just an act of God that she had that many at one time. She made a conscious decision to go through the fertility treatments, knowing that it could result in multiple births. Sorry, but I just don't get into the whole "my life is stressful, so I can treat people however I want" attitude. Life is stressful for all of us. Be an adult.

Kristen said...

this guy is unbelievable!!!!!!!! he makes me sick. and to think kate was so hateful to him -punk deserved it! great post, girl.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

I have to admit I never watched the show and had issues with the very premise from the start. Jon nor Kate stacks up as a winner in my books....but.... I think Jon has made a complete ass of himself. I watched a little of Larry King last night and was getting more and more peeved by the minute. Finally I just thought to myself "why am I watching this? Just turn it off!" So I did. LOL... You should have seen the sleezy manager he hired! Oh my! Suits him! See now I've gotten myself all worked up again *smile*... I think they both need serious therapy... it would be great if they could work it out for the sake of the kids.

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I can't watch anymore, but I disagree with you on the reruns showing them in love on the couch. I have been an avid watcher and I haven't seen "love" in that marriage for a very long time. Yes, I agree Jon is being an ass, but deep down he still is a good father. He just has to deal with getting over a bad situation (marriage)in an adult manner. Clearly, he is not at this point. I'm tired of both of them and especially of Kate acting like she was and is an Angel. Although she definitely handles 8 kids better than me handling 2 on most days! They need to stay out of the press for the sake of their kids and quit saying comments (despise each other)that could be hurtful to them. Sad situation!