Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mrs EyeCanSee vs Winter Coats

Hello out there in blog land! Today's post is brought to you by moi, Mrs EyeCanSee from The Juice is Worth the Squeeze. The lovely Kristen has asked me to do a guest spot for her, so here goes nothing!
Can you believe it's already October? I'm still in shock that when I take the dogs out in the morning I freeze my butt off, yet still refuse to grab a jacket. This is when the battle between me and coats begin. I'm not completely sure when my hate for coats, gloves, scarves and all things winter started. High school maybe?? I used to have this lightly lined fleece windbreaker type jacket and my pseudo high school boyfriend's mom used to balk at me every.time.I.saw.her that I needed something warmer. Pfffft. Whatever lady, what do YOU know anyways, your son turned to be a giant D-Bag who made out with my BFF and then asked HER to prom. Oh the high school I don't miss thee. I think I still have that coat though which is further proof of how great a coat it really was.
Anyways....moving on.
Don't get me wrong, I have some cute coats that I love. My charcoal grey Jcrew pea coat. Love. My American Eagle mustard yellow belted greatness. Swoon. The light pink North Face I've had Adore. But they're all so bulky and when you're out and about there's never anywhere to put them. They keep the stores so piping hot that you immediately begin sweating upon entrance forcing you to shed your many layers and then carry your coat around with you. Not fun. And let's not even mention the dilemma when going out on the town. At least now that I'm a real grown up I go to bars with coat checks...but I'm still too cheap to use them, so the problem of where to put your winter wardrobe remains. Am I the only one who suffers from this stubborn problem?? It happens again to me in the Spring. We will have that one, nice, freakishly warm day where I get so excited I put away the coats for good. Then the next day reality that it's still the Midwest sets in and it snows. Do I dig the coats back out of the closet?? Haha. Nope. I continue to freeze because now it's spring and the battle begins again.
So when you see that idiot on one of these questionably cold fall mornings, without even a hoodie, its probably me. Feel free to wave at me in your warmly gloved hand as I live in hopeless denial that winter is coming.


Llama said...

Hahah! That is sooo meee with the shoesss...i cant give up my flip flops...i seriously wait until there is snow on the ground and people start giving me weird looks and talking to their friends while pointing!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

That's why I don my full link robe to take the pups out. Even better when someone drives buy and sees you. Even if it's 4 in the afternoon and I've just gotten up from a nap. *lOl*

Jax said...

haha! I sooo agree! I will forever leave my coat in the car and make a mad dash for the bar/restaurant/whatever. I hate dealing with carrying it. I'm getting better at that. But sheesh. I too was the ONLY one not in a coat the other day in my group. They were all looking winterized and me...stood there freezing in denial that winter was actually on it's way. The only thing that solved this issue for me was dating a guy who lived in Chicago for three years. I now have a few coats I really love so I dont mind wearing them...b/c I HAD to have them there or I might have died. Literally. Gawd, that place is so cold. And people dont even try to look cute (which I love). They just bundle and waddle in all their layers. :)