Thursday, October 29, 2009

the weekend happenings...

Friday night: We took the boys to this awesome restaurant, T-Rex. I of course forgot my camera and the lighting wasn't good in there so my phone pictures turned out like poop.

Saturday: The hubs worked, Logan had a soccer game (3 goals!), ran errands..... Met the husband plus my family at the pumpkin patch. SO much fun! It was a little cold but still enjoyable. I brought our Boston Terriers in their Halloween shirts, obviously they were a hit! Riley was too funny, he just walked around everywhere clapping!
(Cosmo & Bella)

(soon to be Uncle Lonnie, Logan)

(grandma & Riley)

(Logan, Riley, & grandma)

Sunday: We loaded up early (me and the hubs) and headed off to Arrowhead Stadium. First beer was cracked open by 9am and the day just kept in that same pattern! There were footballs thrown, darts thrown, jell-o shots (yum!)... and then of course the crummy game. Chiefs lost 37-7, it rained, so we hung out by the beer. We didn't get home until about 5pm, I was exhausted and sooo hung over! I prefer drinking at night that way I can just sleep off the nasty feeling of coming off of my drunk.
(me & Sage)

(Arrowhead Stadium)

(my husband-in the gray- and our friend Jay-in the black- wishing they were still in HS!)

(me & some guy who just ran around the parking lot handing out bags of "potion")

(me and KC Wolf)

(me passed out with Riley and both little dogs... the red one is under Riley lol)

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Annie said...

aw, that last picture is adorable!!!
looks like ya'll have been very busy!