Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 minutes of panic

Friday morning I woke my son up at 7a.m. and helped him get ready for school.
at 7:30 my sister came and picked him up and drove him and her 3 kids to school.
at 10a.m. the school called me to check and see why Logan wasn't in school today.

my heart dropped and panic set in.
according to the school Logan wasn't there.
the panic must have been relayed through the phone so I got put on hold.... for 10 minutes!

finally his teacher came on the line and apologized over and over again.
the child who's name is under his on their class roster was absent today and she accidently checked Logan's name instead of the child who was actually absent.

that was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,
the longest 10 minutes ever.
I imagined myself being on the news pleading for someone to bring my child back to me.
I felt pity for the Utah family who still has no answers on their son.

I am so thankful that this was just a mistake and my son is still smiling and playing and life is wonderful for him!


Elizabeth said...

OMG talk about panic and a total Kyron flash. Glad he's ok!

PS - you guys should come over today we are BBQing!

Adge said...

glad he is ok. that would have been so scary. I dont think I would have waited on the phone for 10 minutes I would have been up at the school and calling my sisiter

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I can NOT imagine! I had a nightmare earlier that Wee 'Burb got kidnapped and I woke up in tears and when she got up, I smothered her all day. And that was just a freaking nightmare! They ought to be more careful!

Shannon said...

Oh my... my biggest fear. Glad everything turned out ok!