Monday, October 11, 2010

my fair lady

I've talked about my horse before, "Lady"
If you'll remember I ended up naming her Lady simply because nothing else sounded right, 
it's in my nature to call all mares (girl horses) Lady as I'm tickling their muzzles so I figured we'd just name her that, what the heck right?
Well about a week ago I moved her from one ranch to another, this new place is only 5 minutes from my house, vs the 35 minutes I drove to the other.
Lady loves the new location, stalls where she can see the horse that's next to her, flakes of hay thrown to her randomly through out the day, and two open sides to the barn so she can watch the world as it goes by.
On Thursday I took her out for her first ride here, I'll be honest I was nervous!  When I rode at the old place I was in an arena and she still was as unpredictable as could be.  Here I was out in 65 acres of openness, plenty of space for her to ditch me and leave me for the birds.... luckily she was kind enough to let me stay on her and we had a fabulous ride!
I took her out again yesterday (Sunday) and the ride wasn't quite as relaxing but there was no bucking and no taking off with me, and I stayed on top so I consider it a success!
Also the pasture fence got finished yesterday so after my ride Lady was allowed to go out and graze and just be a horse! I'm pretty sure she loved it!
Here are some pics of Lady...

just inside the gate... it took her about 30 minutes to realize if she just turned the corner  she'd have a huge salad bar waiting for her!

Lady & Zig, he really wanted to be friends, she, well not so much

pictures from my ride on Thurs, inside the fence

Thursday again, from the top of the back pasture

more Thursday ride, this was Lady's first look at the neighbor cows!

yup that's me! I had to text a super cheesy pic of me to my husband, so now you get to see it too!

Miss Lady after our ride Thursday... I know she's skinny but we're working on fixing that!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Lady is such a pretty girl. Great pictures of her (and you).