Thursday, October 21, 2010

my celebrity ramble

I'm very sad that these 2 celebs have split.  And even more sad that David has to act like such a child!  Jeez! Come on, let's just end this with a little bit of dignity?

and this one.... oh my, I'm sooooo (can't express enough how sooooo) tired I am of hearing her songs.  I'll give it to her, she has talent, she's cute, but S.T.O.P. over playing these dang songs!

and these 2... well, I've saved them for last cause they're my fave....
I hope that they will last forever!

so, who are your fave celebs, and un-fave?  What do you get so tired of hearing about?

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Pink in a sea of blue said...

I'm sick of hearing about Brad and Angelina but think we're having a break from them lately. I love Demi and Ashton, but there are rumors about them, too. I hope they last. Was sad to hear about Courtney and David. They used to call the radio station in ATL when I lived there and had just started dated when filming Scream.