Wednesday, October 27, 2010

twice in one week!

Blogging that is....   = )    

Today when I went to class I got so spend $1525, aren't you jealous?!  Got to pay to take my state boards, my licensing fee, tuition, and a background check.  Then tomorrow I go in and get finger printed.  Do you see what's happening here?  Yup my friends, my graduation is literally R.I.G.H.T. around the corner!  49 days!  My last day of school is December 9th and I graduate on the 15th.  The excitement is hardly more than I can stand!  All of my friends are planning their graduation parties but I'm not really jumping on that band wagon.  All I really want to do is walk across that stage, get my nurse's pin, and then drive away from that school and be absolutely DONE!  We can invite everyone and anyone, doesn't matter how many people.  It makes me sad that I don't have many family members here.  But I'm gonna make the best of this!  My immediate family will hopefully come (except for my older sister, I may end up telling her she isn't welcome) and I've invited my bestie Jen.  I just want to make sure that someone is actually cheering for me when they call my name!  Know what I mean?  So there is the excitement that's going on in my life right now.... tomorrow is our "pumpkin night" and I so excited!  Crock pot chili for dinner, carving pumpkins, and then watch Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin before bed!!!  LoVe it!

And the end to today's post I have a couple of blog friends that if you could say a little prayer for them, and if you don't pray at least keep them in your thoughts.  

Emily over at MrsEyeCanSee lost her mother last night, what a heart breaking loss that I pray not to experience any time soon.
Libby over at don'twasteyourcancer will have chemo tomorrow, pray that things go well and that she'll be feeling well enough by Sunday to take little Ava out trick or treating!


Shannon said...

Look at you, girl! How cool is that?! I'll be cheering you on from Indiana!

We are also looking forward to Charlie Brown tonight :o) Have fun!

p.s. Could you email me your mailing address? I want to be a crazy stalker... not really :o) Just getting my Christmas card list ready! lifeonpurpose{at}rocketmail{dot}com

Heather said...

I love Charlie Brown!! :) Yay for getting your nursing pin!