Thursday, October 14, 2010

busy weekend, day 2

we spent Saturday morning at a soccer game but after that we headed to a pumpkin patch to gather the perfect pumpkins!
This was the best pic of the boys we could get, neither one wanted to sit and smile, plus the sun was in their eyes

dad and the boys looking at the chickens

the boys racing to see the goats!

I love this picture! I have one of Sage & Logan about 4 years ago just like this, it's so cute!  Can't wait to get this one framed & hung up next to the other one!

oh and on our way to the pumpkin patch we passed a yard sale that was selling this baby! $20 and we've had hours of enjoyment from it!  Hubby moved it to the "man cave" so he is constantly going down to shoot some hoops!  Last night all 3 of the boys were down playing games, it was nice to have me and the t.v. all to myself! 

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Annie said...

looks like the pumpkin patch was a lot of fun!! cute pictures of the fam! :)
great deal on the basketball toy! ;) i'm sure your boys just love it!