Thursday, October 21, 2010

for my horse friends

after much thought, a few agonizing hours and nights, i have decided to sell my sweet mare lady.  please don't be mad, and please don't judge.  while this is a beautiful horse and such sweet ground manners, she is just not the horse for me and my family. i need a horse that i can pull in from the pasture, throw my saddle on, and just ride.  i need this to be a horse that can sit in the pasture all week or maybe even 2 weeks and still give me the same ride when i finally get out there to climb on. there have been a lot of incidents that have led up to this decision and i do it with a heavy heart but i do think it's something that is best for me at this time.  = (   failure... i know.  so, i have put her up for sale or trade whichever seems to work best for me and for her.  initially when i decided it was time to buy a horse again i knew exactly what i wanted... a gelding was a must, no sorrels, and had to be trail ready.  instead i got a horse who only had 12 rides on, a m.a.r.e. and def not ready for the trails.  so in the ads i've run i made sure to be specific, there are only a few things that i will accept in a trade.  here are a couple of the horses i'm looking into incase i can sell lady without doing a trade...  this first one is my fave.  even though i'm not always a huge fan of paints, and def not a fan of one with this much white!, the videos of him are a huge selling point! and the more i look at his pictures the more i fall in love with him!

here is another one... a 15yr old gelding, notice the trend with the paints here.... surprising!  he's used in the ranch horse competitions.  has lots of experience on trails and look! i could even stand on him if i wanted to! ha ha!

i personally feel that this person could have done a better job at trying to sell his horse... for starters lets put a shirt on please? mmmk.  there is another picture of him that does the horse a little bit more justice, he's not as skinny as this photo makes him look.  again, he's an experienced trail horse.

not much info here except that he's 8yrs old and good on the trails.  i like how stocky he appears to be, and love the color....

once again, a paint... and a whole lotta white again! i'll prob regret this decision first time a let the horse out in the pasture! lol  i don't remember much about him, he rides english & western, started on jumps, very experienced on the trails.

so what do you guys think?  i had also looked into a grullo gelding but he has already sold.  for all of the above horses i went ahead and emailed the sellers to see if they are interested in trade at all or set on only out right selling.  can't hurt to ask right?  the picture of the 2nd horse, that seller is looking for another horse to train.  while my horse needs hours she doesn't necessarily need trained persay, so that might not work out.  but once again, let me reiterate incase you did not understand... i.l.o.v.e. horse #1!!!!  he has worked cattle, done lots of trails, pasture rides, videos of him crossing water & home made bridges... very impressive!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I think it's a good decision. No one should have to struggle with a horse that they know isn't right for them.

Good luck on the hunt. So many nice horses available these days. It might be hard to pick just one-LOL.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

If you don't enjoy riding your current horse then it's certainly time to move on- no regrets. Take your time and plan on revisiting the sale horse at least twice at different times of the day. Ride out and see what he's like, doing what you want to do with him. Look for a horse with a calm demeanor- you don't want a spirited one that needs "riding" again.

Lovely Paints! I had a white Paint with red head and chest, flank spot and a red rump and tail. What a pain to keep clean but what a beauty he was when he was clean!

Good luck!

Shannon said...

When you run your ads, you should sit backwards on lady and hold shower gel like that guy in the old spice commercial.

Good luck!!