Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

Remember this post?  Well my sister and her husband found out the sex of their baby a week and a half ago and they did an awesome job of keeping it a secret from everyone!  We had a great gender reveal party on Friday night at mi casa..... my entire family was able to make it (well, minus my little brother) and my BIL's parents came.  Here's some pics of the big event, and also I need to give credit to Liz at Love and Marriage and Elizabeth at E Myself and I, I borrowed some ideas from you ladies!

To begin with one of my favorite ladies in blog land, Shannon at Living My Life on Purpose, designed these amazing invites for me.... aren't they fantastic?!  Thank you again Shannon!!!!! 
(the bottom looks funny cause I edited out my address!)

then I contacted a baker and explained what a gender reveal party was, emailed her a copy of the invite, and then gave my sister the cake lady's contact info.  Said sister then called the baker and told her what gender the baby was... and the frosting used in between the layers was then made to the appropriate color..... are you excited yet?

there was some fun had with the decorating and my sister made some fantastic appetizers for us

behind this sign is a bowl for people to put their ideas in for Nursery themes.... mine came from Kim at Newlywoodwards from her niece's precious room!
Pink & Blue ribbons incase someone forgot to wear their team color! :)

yummy candies, which yes we had to go through and pick out all of the pink and blues... and no, we did not eat any during that process (well maybe just a few!)
and please excuse the yellow line on my counter, it's a permanent ugliness that I can't make disappear!

Here are the mom and dad to be, cute shirts right?

team pink

team blue (clearly the winners!)
btw, I'm the one smack dab in the middle... hubs is in the striped shirt, Logan is in front of me, and Riley is on my other sister's hip

the cousins to future baby - guess we know what they want!

To keep the suspense going for a little longer we played a game using some Old Wives Tales to see what  the baby is "supposed" to be (boy won 8-7)

now for the big reveal.... should I drag this out into TWO posts????

nah, I'll go ahead and satisfy the hunger!

drumroll please....

it's a BOY!!!!!!!

the man of the night
(bad picture I know, I should have just scanned it!)

gifts for the grandmas (BIL's mom)

 my mom

 gifts for all of the guests

 my sister and I... can you tell that I'm THRILLED to be getting a nephew!!!!

 and because he's so cute I'm throwing this pic in.....

and this one...

BTW I have to add this in.... there was quite the combo of pink and blue baby stuff, socks, toys, onesie... so all of the boy stuff went home with my sister and here I am left with this girl stuff.... fate?  Yes, I think so!  I'm feeling positive that this is a sure sign that when it's my turn to have another baby that it will most definitely be a GIRL! :-)

CONGRATS again to my favorite little sister and my favorite BrotherInLaw
-and so that no one thinks I'm playing favorites, she's my only little sister and he's my only BIL! 


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I've never even heard of a 'reveal' party, but it looks like you guys put a ton of effort into it and had a lot of fun. Congrats on getting the nephew you wanted. ;-)

Shannon said...

Wow! It turned out awesome!! Glad I could help :o)

Emily said...

Yay! Super fun post! We had a great time Kris! Thanks for throwing it for us!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is serioulsy the coolest idea ever! I love the invite and the cake is just too adorable! I just have to try this when we have a kiddo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a template for the invitation or know where I could get one?