Saturday, April 2, 2011

Horse stuff

Remember this pic from about a month ago?  This was just from a simple 45 minute ride through the fields.  I wanted to walk, he wanted to fight the bit and prance the entire time. 

Here's Logan trying to pet Sarge, Logan is still a little nervous around the horses.  Sarge is cute, if the boys are near him he's always sniffing all over them.... Logan just wasn't so sure about it! 

Looking handsome after a good grooming.  Yes this is a bad angle, I swear his wither doesn't normally look at the high and he isn't going sway backed!

After that grooming we went for a ride.  He did so good!!!! Look at that chest, just simple sweat, no lather.  It was 80 degrees out that day and he's still got a full winter coat on so I expected that sweat.  I took him down a couple of highways and he did fantastic!   No spooking, no prancing, nothing... just walked along like a pro.  This is after a month with no grain.  The answer to our problem was definitely the grain.... he is like a toddler cracked out on sugar when he gets fed grain on a daily basis!

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Llama said...

How fun! I haven't rode a horse since I was little! I would love to try again!