Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Day in Paradise!!!

So here I am enjoying another day at home with my kids... Baby boy has RSV so we're dealing with the joys of breathing treatments! I just "woke" Logan (the 5yr old) up for his "nap" - aka - time to jump around the room because he is SURE that I can't hear all of those thumps.. anyway, back to the point, I get Logan from his room and his right eye is almost completely swelled shut and already turning purple! I asked him what happened, and of course the reponse I get is "I don't remember!" Kids.... so my biggest issue with this is that Logan goes to his dad's for the weekend tomorrow. His dad is the type of person that will see a scratch or bruise and try and say that I'm abusing him. For 5 years I've lived in fear of my ex trying to take our son away from me. It probably got this bad for me because of how ugly our divorce was. Logan would go to his dad for the evening or a weekend and his dad would call me or text me and let me know that I would never see my baby again... those were tough days and luckily they're behind us, but I'm still fearful for what pain he will try and cause me again. So I have Logan sitting on the couch with a bag of ice on his eye, hopefully it looks better by tomorrow! Wish us luck!

So instead of doing dishes, washing bottles, cleaning house, or baking cookies, I spent my afternoon browsing peoples blogs! It was tons of fun reading about people and their kids/babies, but I swear all I could find were blogs with people expecing babies. Where are the people with 2 kids and one of the kids is mouthy as can be? Where are the stressed out moms? Where are the people who just want to vent a little?

Anyway, so instead of doing my supermom duties today, I slacked and chose the web world instead. The kids are still alive, though one is sorta damaged, the dogs are fed and dinner will be done before the hubs gets home! I must thank you Liz for adding yet another web addiction to my list!


Elizabeth said...

Which one would that be? If you aren't a fan of or go read them! They're great and they have kids.
Good luck with Logan. I wonder what happened?

Anonymous said...

I am the mom of a mouthy boy! Welcome to my club. (grin)