Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Intro... maybe lame?

Normally you'll find me on Facebook or Myspace, but a fellow blogger has convinced me that I should start a blog. The #1 question on my mind is do I have anything worth reading about? Do I have an exciting enough of a life? Possibly to the fellow moms out there, or to other students, but I'm still in doubt! So Liz, this blog is for you, and if no one ever reads it I will totally understand!

I am the mother of 2 amazing little boys, and I'm the wife of the worlds best husband.... and not because I'm biased but because it's a fact! I've been married twice (not my proudest achievement but one I've learned the most from), my oldest son has 6 grandmas (how many people can say that?), I have 2 sisters and a brother, I have 2 dogs, a cat, and in my opinion there is always room for more however if you ask my husband he'll tell you absolutely not! My 1 year anniversary is in 17 days, it's been one of the most exciting years of my life! We're taking our honeymoon in 114 days, a Caribbean cruise, I cannot wait! Most exciting thing happening right now is we're putting our house up for sale.... market is shitty for the sellers but for the buyers it's amazing, and we're ready to buy!

Hmmm.... some weird things, and most people won't care, I have a 5yr old who can't poop... seriously, he takes medicine that makes him.... I have a dog that absolutely LOVES to eat poop... seriously the most disgusting thing ever but she's still adorable.... I hate my cat but she keeps the mice away.... A few years back I owed $29,000 on a car that was only worth $13,000 -yeah those dealers saw me coming from a mile away! My husband has taught me so many things about me, and he's helped to show me how strong of a person that I'm really capable of being....

Yeah, so um, that's about it.... I have no clue what this blog will be about. Maybe I'll bore people with stories of how happy I am, how in love I am, how perfect my kids are (ha!).

But most important to me, is that through the tears and heartaches, I've found my happily ever after!

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Elizabeth said...

I love it and I'm so happy you have a blog!