Monday, February 23, 2009

L-O-N-G way to go

I have just 103 days left until my cruise, a.k.a. my honeymoon. I recently had a baby, well he'll be 5 months old this Thursday, does that still count as recently? For the sake of my feelings I'm gonna go ahead and vote yes! Ok back on track, so I bought this work out video "The Ultimate Fat Burner Workout". Today was my first day giving it a try, let me just say, HOLY SHIT! It's a 40 minute workout, I think I made it through maybe 20 minutes when I gave in.... mind you at this point I was dripping sweat and my thighs were burning! I guarantee that I will barely be able to walk tomorrow, I'm already dreading that feeling! Those of you who have had babies know about the inevitable "muffin top" and the "blubbery" look to your stomach and for those lucky enough on our thighs too..... is it possible to get rid of this and be bikini-bod ready and make my husband go crazy over me in just 100 days? I sure hope so else I'm doomed!

On another note, why do the workout girls face the camera? I understand that it's a lot better of a view instead of staring at asses that look far better than mine for the entire workout but for those of us who are not exactly coordinated, it'd be a heck of a lot easier to follow along with the video if they were atleast going in the same direction as me!

I imagine this is what I'll look like before my cruise! ha! There's always hope right? :-)

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