Friday, February 27, 2009

wedded bliss

This Sunday will be mine and the misters 1yr anniversary, it's hard to believe that a year has gone by already! Though it's definitely been busy between school, having a baby, yada yada... it's definitely been a blessed year! I'm still madly in love with my honey, he still gives me butterflies, we still go out of our way to spoil each other, it's perfect - I couldn't ask for anything better.

Tonight we've actually managed to get a sitter for a few hours, all so that I can go to the bar with the hubby and his fellow construction co-workers... this was supposed to be everyone bringing their wives, but I'm getting the impression that I'll be the only one... oh joy! I can feel that I'll be put on the spot a few times... I guess for those that don't know, about 2 months ago I had to "drag" my drunk husband out of the bar, he was there after work with the guys and sort of lost track of time, or forgot how to use his phone, or some sort of drunken excuse. Anyway, the only thing these men have seen of me was being extremely pissed off escorting the hubby out with me, and as the guys who witnessed this like to say, he had his tail tucked between his legs.... so needless to say, I'm sorta nervous!

I don't feel like I have much to blog about, partly due to I feel like I'm talking to myself and what fun is that? I am getting overly anxious to get our house on the market, I just can't wait to move and get out of this damn town and move on to the next chapter in life!

Oh and for anyone who does read this, the baby's doctors appointment went well. He has the shape of a head for a certain disease, I'm not sure of the name but most people with it are significantly more intelligent than the average person. X-rays showed that the necessary elastic is all the way around his head, proving that the shape of his head is not caused by the disease but by genetics. Luckily the finger was pointed at the hubby, and as he said, "just another reason for him to hate me when he's older!" LOL

Have a good weekend everyone!

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S. said...

cute blog and I hope things go well with your son!!