Sunday, February 22, 2009

a friendship like a fine wine....

it just keeps getting better and better with time! I have these 3 friends, they're amazing! We've been through so much, grew up together, and some how have managed to remain close even while we all went down our own paths. I got to have dinner with them tonight, all of us had our families there, it was so nice! The most humorous part of the night was the mother of two of these friends was sitting back listening to us talk, she put her hand on her chest and said "oh my lord, my girls are talking about furniture!" Just two years ago we were sitting around talking about what bar we went to the night before! So girls, it's been 13 years now.... I'm so glad that you were the ones I got to spend my days cleaning up horse shit, chasing cans with, talking boys "oh Daniel!", party with, and now share my family with.... love you!

the county fair, 1997
Kansas State 4H horse show - 1998
Andrea's birthday - 2007
Andrea's bachelorette party - 2008

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