Sunday, February 22, 2009

The "Wild" Saturday Night

consisted of popcorn, a movie, a few beers, and almost exactly at midnight the hubby began snoring! Seriously, are we this old already? So I'm sitting up alone watching "The Trouble with Angels", has anyone ever seen this? This was one of my faves as a kid, that and "The Worst Witch" - that's the next movie on my list to buy. So along with my movie I'm eating the Nerds that my son gave me for valentines, what a sense of humor he has! LOL

Tonight I got a text from our tenants saying that the pilot light needs relit, seriously, you're a man, light the damn thing yourself! I know that we should be thankful, in todays economy we are blessed to own two homes and to have one rented out, BUT, the tenants are our friends and all he does is brag and brag and brag about what a manly man he is, how he can do anything, build anything, blah blah blah blah blah.... but you can't light a freaking pilot light?! Sorry about your luck, but you're waiting until morning for hot water! UGH! I'm probably most irritated about this because just 3 months ago they didn't pay an ENTIRE months rent! And no, they aren't paying extra each month to get caught up! That is my husbands fault though, he's too nice..... but seriously, we let them skip a months rent, we went and put plastic up on their windows, we set mouse traps for them (which btw if they'd mow the freaking yard once in awhile there would be no mice!)..... I just want to sell the damn house and get away from these people! Moral of the story...... don't ever rent to friends, it ruins the friendship!

Here's some pics of my adorable baby, it's hard to believe that in just 5 days - er correction - 4 days, he'll be 5 months old.... time is going way too fast!

I love how he sleeps with his butt in the air! Too cute!
my men.... minus 1
seems like just yesterday he couldn't hold himself up in this!

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Elizabeth said...

Aww too cute! And tell James to light THE DAMN PILOT LIGHT. It's not hard!