Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Ramblings

So I had all weekend to think about things I'd like to blog about, and then of course when it comes to sitting down and doing it, I can't remember what those things were!  So instead, here's a recap of my weekend...

Friday: I decided to be an awesome aunt and invited my 3 nieces over for a sleepover.  We've never had a sleepover in my house before so this was all new for me!  I had a total of 5 kids here, talk about slightly chaotic!  We played outside, then came in and everyone got to make their own personal pan pizza (hello mess!), then after dinner we made chocolate chip cookies... and closed the night out with playing games and watching Hotel For Dogs while eating popcorn!  FYI the movie is pretty cute!  The hubs and I got a few good laughs out of it!  By 9:30 we had everyone asleep and the hubs and I settled down for some t.v. and icecream! Yum!  

Saturday: Anyone familiar with cats?  There is that awful meowing sound that they make when they're mad, well that's what I woke up to Saturday morning! I'll start this story by describing this one special niece of mine.  Little Maddie is 7 years old and quite the handful!  She LOVES all babies and animals, she loves them so much though that you have to worry about their safety!  The #1 rule at our house is that the kids must leave the cat alone when they come over.  Don't get me wrong, the cat is a very loving cat but she just doesn't enjoy being chased by these little girls!  and seriously, who can blame her?  So, back to the story, I woke up Saturday morning to that awful sound, along with a set of feet thumping around on our kitchen floor.  I go out to see that poor Shay (the cat) is being chased around the kitchen by Maddie.  Mind you that for Shay's safety I had locked her in our utility room for the night so the "innocent" child must have let her out.  So now I'm awake, and I have 4 kids telling me how hungry they are and a fussing baby letting me know that he too is hungry!  So, scrambled eggs and toast for the kids.... after I went through a dozen eggs would you believe that these kids ALL asked for MORE!  Sorry guys, kitchen is closed, enjoy the poptarts! lol   The nieces left at 9am, then we headed off to our soccer game - which my kiddo made a goal! Woot Woot!  We came home to relax a bit, then jumped in the car and off to the zoo.... which wasn't very exciting! About half of the animals were still in their winter homes... thank goodness it only cost us $14 for 2 adults and a child but imagine how much fun it was explaining to a 5 yr old why there were no tigers or monkeys!  Finished the night at Applebees and then home to pass out.

Sunday:  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  I made my husband swear that he would not get me anything, he spoiled me way too much for our anniversary!  So my gift was that I got to sleep through the night!  He got up every time with the baby, it was the BEST present I could have gotten!  We had dinner with my family, and afterwards I tried on my old formal dresses from high school.  So #1 I graduated high school 10 years ago and #2 I've had 2 kids.  Yesterday absolutely did nothing for my ego!  Why is it that those dresses don't fit anymore?!  Seriously????  I mean damn I've only had 2 kids! lol   Anyway, came home and all of us went to bed early.  To my delight baby boy only woke up once!!!!  YAY!!!!!

Oh, I'm remembering something funny (actually more gross) from the zoo.  We did see an Orangatan.  She was hanging out in a tree about 5 feet away from where we standing.  One minute she's just staring at us, then she turns her head and throws up all over the tree... and of course then proceeds to eat it!  Naturally my 5 year old boy thought that was hilarious! (excuse me while I go vomit!)

Also we saw a ton of lovely, classy, white trash folks.  You know who I'm talking about, the extremely large ladies with teeny tiny tank tops/halter tops, nappy hair that appears to have not been washed for days, and they only have about 2 teeth.  Oh!  And let me add that they have about 6 kids, and at least 2 of those kids have ridiculous rat tails!

There will be pics to come, just need to figure out how to upload them to this computer... man how I hate change!

BTW, a shout out to Liz at Bright Eyes Photography. She stopped by my house this last week to take some pics of my adorable baby boy..... check out her site! 


Elizabeth said...

Eww! :)

Glad you had a good Mother's Day.

Lucky in Love said...

I commend you for taking on all of that responsibility with 5 kids!! Sounds like you had a really great time though! Pizza and could you go wrong??

Cristina said...

I am glad you had great mother's day!!