Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanks A Little Bit Delirious for your help on fixing my header!!!!!  What do you guys think?  Beautious?

I had an amazing weekend!  Went to a japanese steakhouse for dinner on Friday, fun fun!  Spent Saturday with my hubs and then even got to go out with some friends that evening... played a little Texas Hold-em, btw I didn't win... hmph!  Then today started out nice and lazy.... then the phone rang and I got invited to go horse back riding - which of course I said well HELLZ YEAH!!!!  Drove an hour each way but it was so worth it... had 60 acres to ride through, ponds, trees, cows, deer.... running through pastures, wind blowing my hair back and the horse's mane in my face.... it was absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!  Finished the ride off with a cold Bud Light.... then made my journey home.  

Tried out the KFC Grilled Chicken tonight.... might I add I had forgotten how ridiculously expensive the damn meals were!!!!  And I had a little crack up about the "rain check" on the free meals that Oprah advertised.... jeez, get your asses in gear... if you can't live up to the offer then don't offer it!!!!

Should be a busy week around here.  It's the kiddo's last week of school so we've got the teacher appreciation luncheon, the kids have their end of the year program/pre-school graduation, and then the end of the year fun afternoon!  Fun Fun Fun... sorta more like headache, headache, headache!!!  Nah, I'm excited for it all and even more excited that summer is so close to being here!!!!

Gotta go get a sonogram done this week.... nope, definitely NOT prego!  Gotta get my thyroid checked out, joy joy!

Less that 3 weeks left until my cruise!!!! Whoop!


S. said...

you're welcome!! looks great!

Anonymous said...

I like the new look :)