Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busted - TWICE!

the other day my son I and were in the car and we passed someone doing this

so of course Logan asks me why they are doing that and I said because they are not being very smart or safe. You know as a parent we are always trying to teach our kids right from wrong! In response to my answer Logan says "but you do it too"... DAMN! In my defense I look more like this

I know I know, way to set a good example... I'm working on this!

And the second bust is slightly more embarrassing! Now I don't care who you are we are all guilty of hopping in the shower with our man every now and then! Well yesterday we were getting ready to meet some friends for dinner and my hubs was in the shower. Logan was outside playing and Riley was taking a nap. I thought that in order to help conserve water (you know me, always trying to help the environment!) I'd just hop in real quick with the husband!
Seriously there was no hanky panky happening, I jumped in as the hubs was finishing so we were pretty much just switching places. However.... Logan walks in the bathroom and asked Sage where mommy was. Of course Sage could only laugh and Logan says, "She's in the shower too isn't she!, I wanna see!"

My first concern is why was Logan's first guess that I was in the shower too? Seriously he's 5 it's not like that is something that they write about in childrens books! And then my second concern, come on Sage, LIE!


Mrs. Stethoscope said...

O man, it's o.k. one of my patients last week brought her 4 year old daughter to the exam. the patient was a women who had eczema severly. I asked her how often she showers and she replied " usually once a day if my husband leaves me enough hot water", her daughter chimed in " and if he is not gonna leave her the hot water she just gets in with him, because he can't reach his back to wash it himself, right mom?"

Llama said...

HAHAHA! This is sooo great! I too am a culprit of both the cell phone and the shower events. I feel so guilty about using my phone while driving sometimes and I try to stop but the habit slowly creeps back again (so bad!) Just be careful!
As for the shower, I've definitely been there...its so much easier to jump in real quick then waiting or even using another shower! As for the kids here yet...Sage totally sold you out HEHE!

Anonymous said...

I've been busted by Devin only once on the shower thing, thank god. We too used the saving water method, but he thought it was a great story so he decided to bring it up in the middle of family dinner...with my parents. I was mortified!

Lucky in Love said...

Okay...don't tell..but I totally shower with my hubs like everyday. It just saves time, you know? And same as you...nothing goes on...just getting clean :) But I've often wondered if this little "quirk" would stop once we had kids :)

Taryn said...

Oh man- you were busted!

(Chris and I often take showers together- I don't know- nothing "exciting" happens- but I know your embarrassment of getting caught.)

Kristen said...

busted!!! hahahahahaha. love the shower part. hahaah. too cute. kids are so lovely, aren't they? esp boys.