Thursday, August 20, 2009

I was SOOO excited!

Last night I knew that it would be the night that I would get to sleep ALL night, or at least only have to get up once. I had done my research on tips to get babies to sleep all night. My baby is a week shy of 11 months. So here are some of things we did different last night:
  • dressed baby in warmer pj's
  • put a fan in baby's room
  • added 2 tbsp of cereal to his 8 oz bottle
So did it work? Absolutely NOT! Not even close, we were still up every 3 hours for a bottle. What is a mother to do????!!!! Anyone have advice? I'm at a loss but I'm starting to lose my mind!

Another thing my baby won't do is hold his own bottle! He finally learned how to say dada about a month or so ago but now he refuses to say it!

So there it is.... I'm starting to come to the realization that I will never sleep through the night again.... what a sad thought....

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried feeding him cereal with a spoon like an hour before bed followed by a bottle? I also swear by a bath with J&J Bedtime Bath followed by the J&J bedtime lotion.
Good luck!