Thursday, August 27, 2009

stress & deadlines

I blogged awhile ago about our tenant bailing on us and stealing our washer & dryer and trashing the house on her way out. Well we have spent the last 3 weeks or so getting the house back together again and it's finally coming around! We meet with our new tenants tomorrow to sign contract and hand over the keys. I've spent the last 2 days painting and cleaning.... stress stress stress! I've had to try and paint and then keep an 11 month old baby amused (and out of the paint) at the same time.... he and I spent 9 hours there today, talk about a tiring day! Luckily tomorrow I just need to go and do a final sweep through so that shouldn't be too bad.

This morning I woke myself up around 5am because I felt a pain in my neck. Instinctively I reached to the sore area and found a lump.... a very painful lump! I'm assuming it's a lymph node but I am not sick at all. It's a little freaky, I'm hoping to start getting sickly feeling so that I can get some reassurance. Guess if not I'll be heading to the doctors on Monday to check this thing out. It seems to have gotten slightly larger through out the day and definitely more painful! Like it's even painful to turn my head to the side to look behind me.... cross your fingers that I get sick this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I had the same thing on my neck for almost a month and my doc told me it was just a lymph node and not to worry, but I don't care who you are, lumps make you hang in there.

Leslie G said...

YAY- can't wait to see your chalkboard! It was so easy! After you have let it dry, make sure to go over the entire chalkboard with chalk to "break it in". The directions on my paint can said to do so, but I've heard a lot of people that didn't do that and when they write on it, it doesn't erase well. Just a tip! Make sure and post a picture!

Lucky in Love said...

Girl! That makes me nervous! I hope everything turns out okay for you and your pain goes away soon.

Good luck with house and I hope this one goes way better than the last!