Thursday, August 27, 2009

more important things

I'm sure that by this point everyone has read about or watched the debates on whether the First Lady should wear shorts. My thoughts.... well thanks for asking! Give me a break! The photos that they are speaking of are of the President and his family on vacation! Is it necessary for the First Lady to wear a gown while visiting the Grand Canyon with her family? She is not wearing daisy dukes, her boobs aren't falling out of her shirt, she's not showing too much arm... I see nothing wrong with this picture!

The part that irritates me the most about this is that the public is wasting time trying to figure out if this is "right or wrong". Seriously, get over it. We have soldiers still fighting a war, more and more people are dying trying to defend our country. Some soldiers are currently serving their 4th deployment. Why don't we try and get things taken care of so we can get our boys home? Or how about all of the people without health insurance because they can't afford to have it? I've been there, I was a single mom with a very limited budget so I could not afford health insurance through my employer. One might think that the state could help me out, one might be wrong! Apparently I made "too" much. Really? I made $16,000 and was a single mom. I didn't realize that $16K was the jackpot, guess I should have relaxed a little bit more! I could continue to go on and on about things that need worked on (price of gas!) but I'm sure you all have heard the topics before.

I guess my main reason for blogging my irritation is just to see if anyone else saw something wrong with this? Was it more wrong that First Lady wore shorts, or that the American people spent so much time debating it?


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with you! Its a waste of everyone's time for the media to sit around and debate whether or not its appropriate. Good lord, its vacation and she has 2 kids, if she wants to roll around in the dirt and wear a tank top, let her!

Taryn said...

Seriously- She was on vacation. Oh my goodness can't we talk about something else?

Kristen said...

yes, yes, lets get a hobby and move on, folks.
love your venting posts! :)