Sunday, May 23, 2010

busy busy busy!

This was a busy weekend! Friday night we met some friends for a birthday at the Outback... yummy tilapia with crab meat, oh how I love that! Saturday we were up bright & early for mini #1's soccer game at 9 (which he scored 6 goals!) and then he played a second game at 10am with the next league up. He held his own! I was sooo proud of him! You can imagine we had one pretty worn out kid after running for 2 hours straight! Then came home to get prepared for our BBQ, I made a delicious shrimp dip & a 7-layer dip... along with fruit salad & burgers... nothing makes it better! Oh wait, the beer did! ha ha! Sunday Logan and I were up early to head to church for his promotion sunday, he is so excited to move up to the 1st & 2nd grade classroom! Then the two of us hopped in the car & drove out to do some riding and muck out a stall. Oh the humidity was horrible! I'm not kidding, last week it was in the 50's, rainy, and gross out. This weekend, 80's and humid as heck! I hate the sticky weather! Though I'll admit I'm pretty stoked about being able to head out to the lake and do some swimming!

I've got one more test on Tuesday and then I'm done for the summer. My sister is getting married on the 4th and we have relatives staying in our house for that long weekend so I've got some serious cleaning and painting to do! Wish me luck, anyone want to come help? :-)

Also I want to shout out to my pregnant blog friends; new Miss Baby G, MrsEyeCanSee, and Liz! I've done a lot of thinking about them lately, I just love babies and am getting envious about you ladies! I had to go for my annual yucky doctor visit last Friday, walls are thin and I could hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, oh wow, talk about BABY FEVER!!! The hubs and I talked and I think we're going to be TTC come October! Yippee!!!!

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