Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer is here!

This morning I went into school and took my last test of the semester! I passed it and summer is now officially here! I will miss my friends but am thrilled to have some time off! I've put in for a position at a local hospital working in the ER, everyone please keep your fingers crossed that I can get this! A job would be fantastic right now! My husband is still working but it's all become a week by week thing, we never know when he's gonna get the bad news that his job is over. This economy is really blowing right now!

Today I went and grabbed some hair color and tomorrow my friend is going to make me & my sister beautious! Can't wait! I'm getting a few inches cut off....

Oh yeah I almost forgot! Ya'll have heard me complaining for months about my weight. I finally got some answers! I started taking Seasonique about 19 months ago. Ironically that is about the time that my weight started increasing. It's a shame that it took me this long to put 2&2 together. According to my OB bcp always has a chance of making you gain some weight, but this one in particular if you actually do get hit with this side effect it's an ugly one! Meaning not only are you gaining weight but you will continue to gain it! Are you freaking kidding me! So this coming Sunday I'm switching to a different type of pill and will continue to try and lose some weight but this go around I should finally see some results! Can't wait!

Also on Friday I visited with my pcp (primary care physician) and had some blood work done. For nearly 6 years I've had issues with a rash and some swallowing problems (medical term: dysphagia). Between being diagnosed as having arthritis many years ago and some other things my doctor decided to test me for Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and some other random things. I'm not much of a prayer -whole other topic- but for those of you who are, keep me in yours please....

And finally! I signed up to participate in a bracelet swap that Maria over at twoheartsmadefour hosted, my partner is Kate over at southernbellesimple check them out! Kate I've got your bracelet and it will be in the mail tomorrow! I'm so excited! :-)