Monday, May 17, 2010

graduation weekend

On Friday night my sister graduated from Pitt State University (Pittsburgh, KS) with a bachelor in Interior Design. Not only did she graduate in 3 years but she did it making Magna Cum Laude. For those that don't know that means her GPA was between 3.9 - 3.94
How awesome is that?
She gets married in less then 3 weeks, what a busy time in her life!
Congrats Em, super proud of you!

Then Saturday morning my brother graduated from high school! He graduated with a fairly decent GPA too but I forgot what it was so I can't brag about him quite as much! He's leaving in the fall to go to KU for a degree in secondary education, ROCK CHALK!
Way to go Billy!

This little guy did fabulous through these graduations, and he had a blast applauding for everyone when their name was called! Too cute!

And last, but definitely not least!, my bestie graduated from KU on Sunday. We got to celebrate with her and her family on Saturday night. Enjoyed some great food and yummy wine, maybe a little too much wine for me! This girl has worked her butt off to graduate and I'm very proud of her for sticking with it!
Way to go Jen!


Leslie G said...

Congrats to all of them!!

Anonymous said...
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Kristen said...

wow - go sis! busy and great times ahead! :) congrats to them all and NEVER too much wine. lol

Anonymous said...

Ill send you your partner as soon as I get your email with your info!!:)) Thanks for joining!!