Sunday, March 1, 2009

a day of happiness & sadness

Well today was our 1yr anniversary, and it was wonderful! The hubby surprised me with a beautiful necklace & matching earrings.... here's a pic, though it does them no justice...

I felt guilty because all I got him was a card and some "I love daddy" pacifiers (long story).... my reasoning for this simple gift was because we had agreed no gifts! We're taking our honeymoon in 97 days so that is our gift to each other! Well he cheated... though I won't say I'm too upset! :) Of course we had to pull out the top layer of our wedding cake, but it's sorta sad looking so it's becoming more of a "I dare you to try it!" type of thing!

To celebrate the day we watched a movie last night, PS I Love You, has anyone seen that? The funniest thing happened during that movie. For those who have seen it, near the beginning Hilary Swank is dancing around her apartment in her deceased husbands boxers and shirt, and she's singing a song (very off key).... our dog Cosmo actually started howling! ha! This is a dog who we've never heard howl! Here's a pic of my baby Cosmo with Logan, she's just the cutest thing!

So.... to finish off our romantic day, we ate at Longhorn Steakhouse, you must try the Parmesan Crust Chicken... it's to die for! I promise everyone now that I will figure out how to make it and then post the recipe! That's my newest challenge for myself. So, after dinner, off we headed to Petsmart to get a snail for Logan's fish tank.... and here comes the part of the sadness.... we got back home and added the snail to his 4 new roomies, when we noticed there were only 3 roomies.... poor Scooby Doo is gone, though which Scooby he is we aren't sure since he named them all Scooby! Luckily the snail earned the name of Shaggy instead. Ok, so I'm sidetracked... poor Scooby has "gone to the farm", though we honestly don't know where he is! He was there a few days ago, and today - poof, gone! - no remains left to this poor critter!

Alright well I should get going and get some kiddos to bed. One last note, do NOT waste your time watching Burn After Reading. Seriously, Brad Pitt & George Clooney, what a let down. Though Brad, I'm just not feeling you as much these days, Angie ruined you.... I am definitely TEAM ANISTON!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Hell yes, Team Aniston. And PS I Love You was such a great movie. I LOVED it.