Monday, November 15, 2010

countdowns are happening!

exactly 1 month from today I will graduate from nursing school.

10 days from today is Thanksgiving.

11 more days until we put up our Christmas tree. (silent cheers happening here!)

40 days from today is Christmas.

So many exciting things happening!  Did I tell ya'll that I sold my saddle?  Yeppers, sure did!  I got a call about my horse yesterday so I'm hoping that will go somewhere.  I had a fantastic day at the hospital today.  Great patients.  Great nurses to work with.  Just an overall great day! (minus the hooch that stole my Dr Pepper!)  ((oops, did I say hooch? Twice now? sorry!))

Tomorrow is my big day, MRI on the knee in the morning and biopsy results in the afternoon.  I'm skipping school tomorrow to get all of this stuff done.  I think in between the two appointments I'll go saddle up and take the critter for a ride.... I've heard the weather is about to turn to crap so I better take advantage of a semi-nice November day.

This Saturday we're having a Turkey Dinner at our place, our closest friends will come join us for our "mock" Thanksgiving dinner.  I've done this a few times in the past but last year I went full force with it and had a blast.  I can't wait to do it again this year!  

I got my promo code from Shutterfly for my free Christmas cards so now I'm scheming up an awesome holiday photo to use for our cards, I can't wait!

Happy Monday to everyone.... I have some fun posts planned for the rest of the week... can't wait to share!  :-)


Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Those are fun things to count down to! Good luck tomorrow.

Shannon said...

I love the idea of a mock Thanksgiving :o) I might have to do that next year!

Annie said...

how exciting that you are almost done with school!! :) i can't wait for thanksgiving feast! ;) and i had to decorate early this year, i've been in my house 8 years and never decorated before thanksgiving but this years things are different. i mean i am married and expecting a baby, lots of changes happened this year why not one more ;) hehe