Monday, November 22, 2010

horse dilemas

this weekend I sold my beautiful horse, Lady.
it was bittersweet to let her go but I just know it's what is best for me.
So I've looked at 2 horses since then... the first one was ok.  Honestly he did everything he was supposed to do.  The lady hadn't rode him in about 8 months.  I hopped on him, took him out over their property, walked trotted loped backed spun... he did wonderfully.  
So what's the problem?  Well he wasn't really all that good looking.  Is that bad of me?
Here he is, what do you guys think?

he pretty much meets all of my requirements but I think a part of me was hoping to find some dashingly beautiful horse with just as wonderful brains.

So this evening the hubs and I drove out and checked out gelding.  I thought this might be fate. He is a bay, looks identical to my high school rodeo horse, and even had the same name... crazy right?
well... the girl got on him and was riding him first so that I could watch... 
he bucked her straight off.
sorry, no thanks.
actually I did still make an offer on him but it was $400 less than she wanted and she wouldn't budge on price.  Sorry my friend, after your horse bucked your little butt off you were lucky that I even gave you an offer!

Oh well.  I'm waiting to hear back from one other owner but we'll see how that goes.  After only 2 horses I'm already tired of driving.  

So what do you think of the top horse?
15 years old, registered (not that I really care), and meets all of my requirements (except being drop dead gorgeous)


Sarah said...

I think he's beautiful! But thats just me. What's his name?

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I'm not one to judge bc I am deathly afraid of horses and I hear their hoofbeats pounding "Christopher Reeve, Christopher Reeve" but I'd say this is a significant investment and maybe you should wait for the FEELING to come over you that this is the one instead of talking yourself into it.

Anonymous said...
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City Girl said...

I know nothing about horses, but that one's adorable!

Chelsi said...

You want my two bits? Go buy that first gelding! (if he is sound). I'm serious. Pretty is as pretty does is more than just an expression. He will grow on you in time and you will find beauty in him when he works hard for you. Not to mention that he looks pretty dang cute to me! Good luck. You can keep looking for a pretty horse but when you are on their back and giving you a great ride you cant see any of that anyways.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

A gentle horse is always a good color. As is any horse that is safe and sound- that in and of itself makes them prettier. And if you want to be safe and sound, then you should buy a horse that will take care of you.