Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veteran's Day

I mentioned before that my little town has the biggest Veteran's Day parade in the state of Kansas.  We're pretty proud of that!  The parade took a whopping 2 1/2 hours!
Now I'm not gonna say it's the most exciting parade, but it's definitely the biggest! :-)
At 11 o'clock the parade stops and the horns play TAPS and we're always impressed by the kick butt jets that do a fly-over.
This year the fly-over was about 2 minutes late so it really surprised us all and of course I wasn't able to get a picture... which makes me sad cause that's just about my favorite part of the parade! 
(besides the horses of course!)

poor Riley cried through pretty much the entire parade.  First he was afraid of all the sirens, and then he was just crying to cry I guess? 

notice the soldiers boots on the saddle.... the horse who returned without his soldier.  Always gives me goosebumps

this person standing right infront of me was a Vet.  It was pretty cool because all through out the parade soldiers were stepping out and coming over to shake his hand.  I sure do love this country.

this is my high school.... I used to be one of those band members! :)

my dad used to fly these when he was in the Army

we even got a fire engine straight from NY!

WWII Vets   If my grandpa were alive he'd be in that group, he retired from the Army as a General

my dad, Retired LTC, and the kids

and how fun is this guy?!  I just love it!


Shannon said...

Looks like so much fun!!

City Girl said...

That little horse is too cute, haha!! What a fun parade, to celebrate some of the real heroes in this country!