Thursday, November 25, 2010

my turkey day

let me set the scene:  me - glass of wine, cheese & crackers, flannel pants, dog, couch, blanket, fire, t.v.
kids: in bed sleeping
husband: working the night shift

what this means?  Well.  The husband worked Mon - Wed this week, and now he's working tonight, then tomorrow night and probably Saturday night, 12hr shifts.  Me experiencing my first night alone without him in nearly 6 years.  A little scary.  On the positive.... I had my dose of Nyquil & my glass of wine.

Random: I'm watching Sally Field in a Boniva commerical... she looks amazing!  How many of you just love her?  I absolutely do.  That woman can act wonderfully & she is beautiful.  

Back to my post. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was just okay, which was a little sad for me since it's my favorite holiday.  I opted to let Logan (my 6yr old) eat with his dad this year, even though technically it was my holiday, so that was tough for me.  It's always sad celebrating things and not having your whole family there.  
Then my hubs didn't get to stay with us all day, he ate and then came back home to sleep most of the day away.  And now he's off at work.......poor guy

Tomorrow is an exciting day, we'll be putting up our Christmas tree!!!!  I.can't.wait!!!!
Guess we're gonna let the hubs sleep until noon-ish or so and then we'll start decorating.  
Also I put an offer in on the "ugly" horse that I mentioned before... the offer was accepted and now I think maybe he's actually cute, not ugly.  I'm supposed to go pick him up tomorrow, but after my offer was accepted there was no excitement from me.  :(  
So, I had one other horse in mind and we're gonna go check him out on Sunday and if he isn't "the one" then I'll go get the cutie from last week.  
Here is the one we're checking out on Sunday.

it's not a great picture, but I LOVE his face.... and I've got a soft spot for blacks.
So we'll see how things pan out on Sunday.

I will be going back to school on Monday and will only have 2 weeks left, oh how I cannot wait!  In 20 days I will have graduated and will be able to work making REAL money!!!! WOOT WOOT!

on a side note: to my "anonymous commenter" 
No need to be anonymous, just state what you want.  
Negative comments will of course be deleted by me. 
Incase any of you are wondering about me buying a horse, well it's tacky to go into financial business like that, but I'll just say this.
My last post stated that I SOLD a horse.  So we already had one.  A horse has been in our budget.
With the horse I sold, we are able to replace the horse and still have money in our pockets.
The cost to buy a horse is the cheap part, normally it's the cost to keep the horse that can break the pocket book.  However, in my case I am very blessed to have wonderful friends.  The monthly cost for me to keep a horse is the same as for my husband and I to go out to dinner one time.
Yes I post about being unemployed... please note if you have been reading my blog that my husband is considered "unemployed" however he gets called in enough times during the month to earn enough to pay our bills.  He may only work 2 days a month, but they are Saturdays, and being Union it means over time even though these will be the only hours he works. 

Anyway, I've already dove in way more than I like to on personal stuff like that.... so just saying, no need to be shy!  The hubs and I are responsible people, our bills are all paid, there is still money in savings.... we had planned for this lay off well.

so, back to the happy part of the blog, HAPPY THANKSGIVING my friends!  I hope that there was plenty of turkey, plenty of stuffing, and maybe wine? :-)
I went ahead and attempted the Rhodes rolls again tonight.... ugh, failure again!
This time it took them about 7 hours to rise!  JEEZ!  I just can't get it right with these things!
There was a quick run to the grocery store to get rolls, and then about an hour or so after dinner my rolls had finally rose enough that we could bake them.
Maybe 3rd time will be a charm on these? 
They were still so tasty that no matter the pain I will be willing to try again!!!!


~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You have been busy. I am tired just reading your post! Let me know how it goes with the horse! Glad you get to put your tree up tomorrow. No tree for us until AFTER Vegas!

Shannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the comment :) I had a great thanksgiving..and we've gotten soooo much snow the past week we are about 2 feet its nuts..I'm glad u had a good thanksgiving. I can't wait to enjoy my wine again...3 more days..I'm soooo nervous

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

You had me at cheese and crackers. And flannel PJs. I like Thanksgiving, but your night sounds kind of nice.

I also like how Sally Field embraces her age. She's not out getting stitched up to look like some sort of wax museum relic.