Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am sooo relieved!  I had a 180 question test to take today that predicts the probability of you passing the state boards and becoming an official RN.  People, I got a 94% probability of passing on the first try!  Seriously, I'm fairly certain I won't study.  No just kidding.  My momma blessed me with an early christmas present and paid for a study program to take, I start asap!  I can't wait for this to be over with ~ have I ever mentioned that before?  Nah I didn't think so!

I have my nieces over here tonight and tomorrow I'm gonna skip class and the hubs and I are taking all the kids to the Veteran's Day parade!  yep, my little town has the biggest one in Kansas ~ impressive right?  Yeah I'm a little proud!  :-)

Also this week we bought a little potty seat for little Riley, I think it might be time to start potty training him!  He comes over to us and will point at his butt and say "mommy I poop" and then if any of us go into the bathroom he comes with us and pulls his pants down, I'm thinking that it's time!  Wish us luck!

Oh yeah! And a bit of good luck, I sold my saddle yesterday.  I was pretty peeved about this saddle.  A friend mine's mom travels around to horse auctions or tack sales and knew I was in a pinch for money but needed a saddle.  So she finds me a a saddle, for $250.  Quite a bit more than I wanted to spend but she convinced me it was worth it so I used some savings & birthday money.  Rode in it once and hated it!  It didn't fit me right and sat weird on my horse. I called her 2 days later and had to leave a message saying that the saddle just wasn't gonna work.  I appreciated all she'd done but wanted to bring it back to her.  Would you believe she has yet to return my call, that was a month ago!  Now I could understand it if this was someone I barely knew, but seriously, her daughter is a close friend of mine!  Oh well, I sold it on Craigslist for $250 so I'm happy, at least I'm not out anything. Another friend of mine recently lost her horse (sad lightening strike) so she told me I could have her saddle.  How nice right?  Life might just be turning around.... now if only either me or my hubs could get a job!

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Adge said...

congrats on the 94%. that is awesome