Monday, November 22, 2010

Mock Thanksgiving

This past Saturday was our 2nd annual Mock Thanksgiving...
My closest friends came with their men, we all baked, 
and we all drank a little 
it's possible that I maybe drank a lot of wine... only possible though
Tom was a huge success....

this year I tried a new type of rolls.  
normally I'll stick to the typical crescent rolls
this year I tried Rhodes frozen rolls... ever done this?
you take them out frozen, let them sit in a pan or dish or whatever and it'll take 3-5hrs for them to rise... 
and then you bake - easy right?
the person who told me about these rolls said it took hers 7 hours to rise.
well I wanted to make sure they had plenty of time to rise so I gave them a good 7 hours...
about 4 hours TOO long!
here they are looking freakishly alive!
I finally had to take it to my sister's and use her oven just to put an end to the madness!

 and here's the final outcome.... I had to trim a lot off of the edges! lol

here's the loot of what I baked.... it was all so good.
I normally don't like pumpkin pie but I decided to make one anyway, I googled away and decided on a Paula Dean recipe.... holy mother it was soooo good!  Let me know if you want the recipe!
oh, and that sweet potato casserole was delicious as well!


Annie said...

looks like everything turned out perfect!! :)
the turkey looks SO YUMMY!!!
hope you and the family have a wonderful thanksgiving hun!!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I'm totally coming to Kansas for the holidays next year. I love your exploded rolls, they looked so good!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

Neat idea. Yes, I've made those rolls. That is so funny how much they rose! I'm getting ready to make a pumpkin pie now.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Looks yummy. I've never tried the Rhodes rolls, but that's crazy how long it took. And, can you believe i've never had sweet potato casserole?