Tuesday, December 29, 2009

blues? tired? bored?

For some reason I just can't come up with blog ideas, and instead of stressing about it I simply have decided that "I don't care". Is that mean sounding? I just can't decide if I'm tired, have the post-holiday blues?, whatever the case may be I'd like to get over it. We've had a bad run of luck with the gal renting our rental. Let's see: she owes $2200; she has pets; and I can't kick her dumb ass out. Apparently in KS the tenant has more rights than the landlord and even though she has broken contract I still can't evict her without going through the courts. Today the hubs and I had to talk to a lawyer just to try and get the ball rolling, so far nothing is happening though and this bitch (scuse the language) is still living free in MY HOUSE!!!!! I can't even get animal control to get the pets because "it's a legal issue, you have to take it through the courts". Bite me.

2nd part of my bad day.... hubs and I had to go in for a physical to keep the insurance company happy. Some how over the years I have shrunk an inch, and gained enough weight to be considered obese. Really? I've posted lots of pics of myself on here and I'll be the first to admit that I need to loose weight but I sure can't agree with the obese part! Damn those stupid charts. While in the dr's office I had him examine a lump I've had behind my ear for about 5 months or so. Looks like next Tuesday I'll be going in for a biopsy... wish me luck.

3rd part.... I called my bank to check on the balance for my car loan. The last time I checked on the balance I was told $11k +/-. I checked on it today and was told $15k! Really? Someone please tell me how that happens!? And of course this can't be explained, and the bank completely stands behind that I've only paid off $3k in the last 3 years. I'm sorry, so you're telling me that I've paid an extra $100/mo (for a total of $500/mo) to only have paid off $3k! I don't think so! Something seems terribly wrong with this situation and I'm irritated as hell that no one will even discuss the matter further with me.

Well I'm done with my complaining for a bit. I sure wish that I could just cheer up a little bit! Once I get up the motivation to upload some pictures I'll show off some from our Christmas. I'm glad to read everyones blogs about their wonderful Christmases! My house is finally back to normal (well sorta). My in-laws left this morning and headed up but my 3 nieces are spending the night, so technically we're not normal yet! I can honestly say that I'm ready for my oldest son to start back up at school so that I can nap with the baby! Is that bad? lol


beany02 said...

im so sorry you have had such a bad week! im sure the tenant thing will work out, it seems like it just takes a long time. i had a biopsy done on a lump in my neck a long time ago and it was simple and ended up being nothing, try not to stress too much = ) and as for the doctor saying you are obese, that is ridiculous!!!! i see you all the time and you are DEFINITELY not obese! maybe he knows you bought a treadmill and wants to make sure you get your money's worth from it haha. try not to let the negative things overwhelm you, because you have so many positive things going for you!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Sorry your week has been bad. I'd be really taking legal action against that woman. What a beotch! Chin up girl. It'll get better. I'd check my bank statements to make sure all your payments are getting credited to your car note. :-)