Thursday, December 31, 2009

Re-Cap of 2009

*my baby turned 5
*we contemplated selling our house

*Riley played in his swing for the first time
*Logan & the hubs got their first sledding session of the year in
*pierced my cartilage (which I just took the earring out due to constant infection!)
*hubs and I spent Valentines Day getting tattoos (no, not matching & not each other's names!)

*celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary
*had a fabulous St Pattys Day with some adorable kids!
*decided to officially put the house up for sale
*Riley started eating baby food

*Riley learned to sit up & to give kisses
*I tried to be creative with Easter snacks (failure)
*spring soccer season kicked off for Logan
*I started thinking about losing weight for our upcoming cruise

*Our first trip to the zoo as a family of 4
*we had our first sleepover, my 3 nieces spent the night
*finally warm enough that we can play outside!
*Riley can pull himself on furniture now

*took our honeymoon!
*cruised the Caribbean

*Family reunion in Denver, CO (we didn't drink the entire time!)
*added a 5th tattoo to my collection
*adopted sweet Bella

*my baby started Kindergarden
*multiple county fair visits
*Riley started walking

*hubby's birthday
*Riley turned 1
*saw my biological dad, 1st time in about 8 years
*had my 10-yr high school reunion
*received an offer on our house

*sold our house, bought a new one, MOVED!
*my birthday
*started back at school
*went to a Chiefs game (of course they lost)

*finally finished the fall soccer season! BRRR!!!!
*painted, painted, and painted some more
*cooked a fabulous turkey dinner in our new house for our closest friends
*had a sick baby ALL the freaking time!

*passed my 2nd semester of nursing school
*celebrated a wonderful Christmas with our ENTIRE family!
*Riley was admitted to the hospital for 1st time
*Riley had surgery to place tubes in his ears
*did a TON of baking
*successfully hosted a holiday/house warming party
*saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Jennifer said...

It's been a fabulous year!! Happy New year!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Pics! Happy New Year!

Adge said...

Happy New Year. You had a great 2009, Hopefulyl 2010 is just as great