Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I did it!

Some of you that have been following me for awhile might remember my post about my MIL, see here. I finally sent her an email tonight expressing some concerns. Mainly.... she has told us that she & her husband will be coming to KS for Christmas and staying Christmas Eve through Christmas morning with us. I am so excited. I am planning a Christmas Eve dinner, ham, scalloped potatoes... all the fixins! I've never gotten to do this. My family does the traditional Christmas Day dinner and keeping with tradition we always do dinner at my parents house. So this is extremely exciting for me to get to prepare a dinner and have a holiday dinner in my own home with family!

The problem: my husband won't even get excited about this. He said that he gave up on his mom a long time ago. Heartbreaking I know! The last 2 visits that his mom made down here we were supposed to go to dinner with her. Both times she has cancelled. The 2nd time was my husbands birthday. Yep, she cancelled on his birthday dinner that SHE planned! Anytime she visits we have to find a babysitter so that we can go to the bar and hang out with her and her friends.

So.... tonight I did it. I sent her an email and let her know how excited we were for her to get to share the time with us. Then I added that Sage wouldn't allow himself to get excited and how much I would love for her to prove him wrong by actually showing up and giving us some of her time. I'm kinda sorta terrified now! I don't want to hurt her feelings but at the same time I think it's important that she know how her actions hurt her son. And god knows he will never tell her how sad it makes him.

Wish me luck that I didn't just ruin everything! Hopefully it will help our situation and we'll actually get to spend time with my MIL outside of a bar!


Jennifer said...

Yay!! Awesome job mama!! This is so exciting!! I can't wait to read about the planning and prepping process!! I love having Christmas at our house!! : D

Adge said...

I hope she doesn't disappoint your family again. I have a friend who always says he is going to come home and never does. I haven't seen him in 7 years. I also don't think he has seen his family in that long either

devin's mom said...

I totally think you did the right thing. It sounds like it was about time for someone to step up and say something even if it hurts someones feelings.

beany02 said...

definitely the right thing to do- even if it does hurt her feelings, she needs to realize that her actions are hurting people's feelings too...i think its great that you are standing up for sage and saying something to her...all you want is a good relationship and she needs to start doing her part!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Good for you reaching out to her. I hope she takes what you said to heart.