Friday, March 20, 2009

are you kidding me?

My parents met each other at Blockbuster the other night to pick out a movie. When they walked outside to their cars my mom noticed the car next to hers was running and had a baby in the back seat. Baby was approx my baby's age, so less than 6 months old. Anyway, dad had my mom go on home and he hung around just to make sure nothing happened to the baby. After waiting outside for 10 minutes he went into Blockbuster and found the parents. They were very young parents. Anyway, my dad goes on to remind these parents that they have left their baby unattended in a running car, and the father starts mouthing off to my dad about how he needs to mind his own business, that it's his car, his baby, and they know if their baby is okay or not! My dad again reminded him about it being illegal to leave the baby like that, so the guy walked outside with my dad, and hit the lock button 3 TIMES, gave my dad a dirty look, and then turned around and went back into Blockbuster!!!!! Can you believe that?! So of course in response the little assholes behavior, my dad called the cops on him! Dad only hung around until the cops showed up and then he left so I have no clue what happened after that, but I'm just in total disbelief. Some people truly do not deserve to have children! There are so many people out there in the world who would give anything to have a baby of their own, yet they aren't able to, instead these idiots are allowed to. It makes no sense!

On a brighter note, my sis is coming over tonight to hang out. We're gonna make something spectacular for dinner, of course we have no idea what we're making yet.... I'd better start surfing the net for some ideas! Have a great weekend!


ReRe said...

i'm so glad your dad called the cops!

Taryn said...

seriously?! That is ridiculous.

Another Day In Paradise said...

That is insane...your dad is patient - I would have called the cops as soon as I saw that baby!