Monday, March 16, 2009

excitement or doom?

That is the question of the hour. The realtor comes Thursday evening to take pictures and officially put our house up for sale. However, we still have no front steps, a hole in our bedroom door, a cluttered basement/garage, and then a TON of cleaning! I of course de-cluttered our closets so that I wouldn't be embarrassed when people look inside of them, however 1/2 of what came out of the closets is now hanging out in the hallway! One of my biggest concerns right now is that you can't come into the house using the front door because there are no steps, and tonight I'll be painting the concrete floor in our utility room, therefore we won't be able to use the back door because of the fresh paint... hmmm... anyone else see the problem? I guess we can just jump off the porch, it's only about 4 feet, but sorta hard to do with a baby and a 5yr old without anyone breaking their necks! So the hubby and I chatted last night and we agreed that we were sad that we had waited this long to finish & decorate the house, it took us putting it up for sale for us to make it look so nice & cute! I swear I have the cutest laundry room ever! As soon as I get the floor painted I'll post some pics, and once I have the kitchen looking like it isn't a storage room I'll post pics of that. I'm so happy with it all!!!!!
So there are my worries, I think overall I'm more excited than anything, but concerned that we won't have enough time to finish the projects & clean. Who needs sleep right?


Jennifer said...

Sleep is totally over rated. ; ) I can't wait to see pics!!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck girl - I've been there! We had an appraiser coming and the day before our basement flooded and we were up all night cleaning etc. Go get some plastic tubs and just fill up all of your stuff in those.