Saturday, March 21, 2009

yay for awards!!!!!

I got my first award!!! Who knew people read and actually liked what I'm writing!!!!! Thank you Another Day in paradise!

(sorry, I'm still blogger new so I don't know how to just write your name and that magically takes people to your page!)


From Me to You said...

Thank you hun! Have a great weekend!

Taryn said...


Jennifer said...


When your typing your post if you hit the HTML tab next to the compose tab in the upper right hand corner. Then add your link into the
HTML section and in the link you will see the name of the link and it will look like this >thisgirllovespink< inbetween the arrows you can just delete what is there but leave the arrows and put the name >Jennifer< hit save draft and if you have no more links to add you can go back to compose and that will set the link for you using just the name. I hope that helps. ; )

From Me to You said...

I love that blanket's adorable in person!

Another Day In Paradise said...

You're so welcome Kristen!!