Friday, March 6, 2009

hectic hectic Friday!

Today was a busy but quite fun day! We have a new buddy who has been hanging out with us, isn't he cute?So I'm getting the hang of this 3 kid thing, I'm using this as practice for when we have our 3rd one. But I tell ya getting 3 kids in & out of carseats is not easy, nor is it fast! So just to make things a little bit more exciting, I went ahead and took on my 3 nieces today too. Luckily they were just for the afternoon. So here's what my afternoon looked like, all this picture is missing is the baby.

After Mr Matthew left, I thought I could go on a walk with the other 5 kids, plus the 2 dogs. So imagine, me, pushing a stroller while holding onto a lab and a boston terrier, with 4 other kids running around. I'm sure the people driving past us must have thought I was insane, that and that I need to practice a better form of birth control! ha!

Lucky for me my sister is returning the favor and my hubby and I get to go out on a date tonight. It'll be nice to get out with no kids and no friends, just an evening with me and him! I desperately need it!

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Elizabeth said...

What a fun day! Matthew had so much fun. It was funny that he had to call you yesterday. :)