Thursday, March 12, 2009

sleepless night

Last night was the first night -atleast as far back as I can remember- that I was up the majority of the night with a baby that was actually miserable. I've sat up with babies that can't breathe well so we sleep together in the recliner, but this was pure misery. Poor baby boy was up atleast once an hour, I'd go in to put his plug (aka pacifier) back in his mouth and he would just cry/scream. So I'd pick him up to cuddle and rock, this was one of those times where he wanted me to hold him, but he didn't want me to hold him. It's pretty hard to make a baby happy under those conditions! It was a very sad night, I felt completely helpless holding this screaming baby and not knowing what was wrong and not being able to comfort him. So baby boy woke up this morning around 8am with horrible diahrrea and a fever.... though I seem to be the only one who is affected by the lack of sleep because here is what baby boy is looking like today

Here are a couple other pics of the boys, they're too cute not to share!

Here's the baby boy in his jeans.... I just love baby denim!


the men watching college basketball

argh! I'm gonna eat this elephant!!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Aww, poor baby. I hope he is better soon.

Another Day In Paradise said...

Your kids are so cute! I love baby denim too, I buy so much for my niece and nephew!